Employment Opportunities

Union Trust Bank is an indigenous bank solely owned and managed by Sierra Leoneans.  The bank has a one hundred percent Sierra Leonean workforce.
At UTB, we thrive on providing exceptional services to customers, and strive to meet their financial needs.  Our goal is to create a strong connection within our industry and our communities and with our employees and shareholders. We do this by focusing on our:

  • People  –– we hire the right people and give them opportunities to connect, develop, be rewarded and lead;
  • Pride    –  we believe UTB is a great place to work and we are proud of our employees
  • Products      –– we provide industry-leading products and services; and
  • Performance  ––we have a proven track record of growth and stability

There are a number of career opportunities for young Sierra Leoneans at the bank, ranging from tellers, finance officers, credit specialist, banking specialists, administration, internal audit, marketing and management information systems.  The bank is always looking for well-trained individuals willing to go the extra mile.

To be able to be competitive in applying for a position at UTB, there are a number of skills that the bank would require in a successful commercial banking professional.  Some of them are:

Business and communication skills – You must be able to interact professionally with a wide range of business organizations and people.  A very effective communicator is an asset to the bank.  As a banker, you are the key to the customer’s loan, investments, money and peace of mind.

Accounting and written communication skills are a must - You must have an excellent knowledge of accounting practices to perform well as a lending officer and credit analyst.  Writing skills are essential for loan officers and credits analysts as they often have to draft reports explaining their conclusions.

Work ethics and integrity - Educational qualifications are important but they do not mean a lot unless you have work ethics and integrity.  This is what it takes to succeed in business.   UTB lays great emphasis on individuals who are honest, polite, and have a very high sense of integrity.

Marketing  - Union Trust Bank is customer-oriented, needs-based and aggressive.  We need young and dynamic individuals to act as salespeople for the bank.  Therefore if you have experience in marketing, then you will fit right into our bank.

 We invite you to explore our website to find out why Your Career is with us.

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