Union Trust Bank is the only private indigenous bank in Sierra Leone with a robust and competitive products portfolio. At the Union Trust Bank, we have a variety of high quality value added products and services tailored to provide and deliver banking, financial and advisory solutions.

Union Trust Bank Limited (UTB) was incorporated on 26th April 1995 as a private limited liability company under the Companies’ Act (Cap.249) of the Laws of Sierra Leone. It is licensed by the Bank of Sierra Leone to carry on banking business under the Banking Act, 2000.

The shareholders of the bank, comprising indigenous individuals and corporate entities, constitute a cross-section of the principal actors in the national economy. This character renders UTB the first major private financial institution to be conceived, promoted, owned and managed by indigenous Sierra Leoneans.
From the initial authorized share capital of Le1.5 billion, the bank increased its capital to Le3.0 billion in 2004

Founder and CEO in 1995
Mr. James Sanpha Koroma
Founder and CEO in 2016
Dr. James Sanpha Koroma


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